March Student Led Conferences

Dear Oregon Trail Parents and Families,

We are excited about Student-Led Conferences! We’ve included a few details below.

WHO? Students will meet with parents. Please bring your child to the conference.
Teachers will be available.

WHAT? Agenda items:
• Welcome
• Celebrations
• Areas for Growth
• Goal Setting
• Questions

WHEN? March 14-17, 2022

WHERE? Oregon Trail Elementary

WHY? Benefits of Student-Led Conferences:
• Students take responsibility for their academic growth.
• Parents, teachers, and students engage in open and honest dialogue.
• Students learn the skills of reflection and self-evaluation.
• Students develop organizational and oral communication skills.

We are thankful for your continued partnership and we look forward to this special time
with you!

Together in leadership,

Oregon Trail Staff


Please sign up using the following link:


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