4th Grade

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Meet the Teachers!

Mr. Biggers

Mrs. Bixler

Mr. Gaston

Brian Johnson

Mr. Johnson


4th Grade School Supplies 

***Please Note: It is strongly recommended that students wear tennis shoes for PE class to promote a safe physical education class environment for all students

2 pocket folders
3 colored ball-point pens (1 red & 2 black or blue)
1 package of 4 narrow-tip dry erase markers
36 #2 lead pencils
2 spiral notebooks
1 pkg (250 count) college or white ruled filler paper
1 3-ring, 2 inch binder for Idaho History
1 package of 4 broad tip dry erase pens
1 package of pencil eraser caps or large eraser
Crayons, 48 count
12 count colored pencils
1 highlighter

2 boxes of facial tissues
1 container of disinfectant wipes
1 box gallon slider plastic bags